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Training and Rehabilitation  

Our mission at Rettungs-Haus Shepherds, Inc., is to reduce the shelter population in our community through K9 education, training, and behavior modification.  Monies received benefits the mission of Rettungs-Haus Shepherds, Inc.

Lack of training and under-socialized dogs are two of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to Rettungs-Haus Shepherds, Inc. If you are thinking about surrendering your dog, we urge you to please consider rehabilitation through training and our support network.


The training you give to your dog is a lifetime commitment that does not end after your sessions conclude, and must be incorporated in your daily activities. 

Please contact us at for more information.


    "Confidence is Built, not Broke"

                - Founder, Rettungs-Haus Shepherds -

Required Vaccinations Class Descriptions 2

Class Descriptions

Level 1  -   In order for you to understand our method, all new clients must first complete Level 1 regardless of your dog's temperament. This course guides you through the basics in order to form a solid training foundation.  It provides us an opportunity to evaluate your dog's behavior and obedience level. This is also the best time to discuss your goals for class with us and any concerns or behavioral issues you would like to overcome.

Level 2   We start working on flat collars with the goal of achieving your Canine Good Citizen Certification (CGC).  Towards the end of this course, if we feel you and your dog are ready, the test will be available to you.  We will work on problem areas and solidify each dog's basic obedience in preparation for Level 3, off-leash.


Level 3  -   Is our Intermediate Class and will begin your off-leash.  We continue to reinforce basics and add agility.


Level 4    Is our Advanced Off-Leash Class. Each dog's confidence and skills are continuously built, reinforced, and challenged.

Required Vaccinations Class Descriptions 1

Required Vaccinations for Dogs 4 Months and Up

All dogs attending must provide a copy of vaccinations attached to registration paperwork.


Puppies 10 - 16 Weeks need to have at least 2 of their Distemper/Parvo Vaccines completed

- Rabies

- DHLPP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Leptospirosis/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza) 


- Heartworm Preventative

- Flea and Tick Control

- Annual Fecal Required

- Please make sure your dog's nails are well manicured or dremeled at all times.

We offer Discounted Rates For The Following

Proof of Identification Must be Provided for all Discounts 

Discounts only apply to our six-week training sessions.

- First Responders
- Active Military/Veterans
- Teachers and Students
- Senior Citizens 70 and up
- Rescues (please provide Rescue Documentation.)
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