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Program Testimonials 

While I was home on leave from Japan, I was given the privilege of attending an Operation K9 Truth for Youth event. At the event, I was able to see first-hand the impact that Rettungs-Haus Shepherds have on, not only the new owners of the rescued dogs, but on the community as a whole. While there I saw something beautiful. The mutual love, dependency, and respect between the owners and the dogs is incredible. This idea is extended into the Operation K9 Truth for Youth program. They provide hope for children who have none.


Stories talked about terrible situations in which they have found their dogs. Their previous owners believed that they were useless and discarded them like trash. Some children might feel the same way about themselves. Rehabilitated dogs grow into great companions and loyal friends. The Operation K9 Truth for Youth program aims to show children that their futures are not locked by the circumstances of their childhood and where there is love, there is hope. I strongly recommend these programs continue in not only reaching out into the community but in changing the lives of both dogs and owners.


Semper Fidelis


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